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The sky is the limit for crane operator and drone operator Joris Cleiren

If Joris Cleiren is already exceptional as a crane operator in the port, then his company SKY VISION really lifts him into higher places. Joris Cleiren is active as a drone pilot and photographer.

Drone pilot Antwerp

Joris started making drone images about 2.5 years ago under the name SKY VISION. “I have always been interested in machines, levers and joysticks. In the port I work with the largest container cranes. Controlling a drone somewhat builds on that experience, but requires new challenges, with complex maneuvers.”

Between crane and Knokke

At the same time, Joris had been working on video editing for fifteen years. By combining the passion for video and drone flying, the puzzle pieces fell into place. Since then, Joris has divided his time between the port and SKY VISION. When we call him, after a morning shift in the harbor he is on his way to Knokke to visualize a new construction project in three dimensions. “A drone can be programmed to fly in perfect circles around a structure and deliver a 3D model.”

Risk analysis

It should come as no surprise that about 60% of the jobs take place in the port. “I am familiar with the environment, I know many people on the quay and can also estimate what the large cranes will do,” it sounds. “Filming in the port does require some extra administrative work. You must prepare a thorough flight preparation with risk analysis and send it to the BCAA (Directorate General Aviation, ed.) in Brussels.

After approval, the necessary communication is made with the harbor master so that he is also aware of the drone activities. You have to know what the restrictions are and prioritize safety.”

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