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Record call size of 19,677 teu for 'Manila Maersk' at MPET

The temporary absence of a large 2M loop on the Far East has resulted in a new record run for MSC PSA European Terminal. Last week, no less than 11,988 containers were loaded and unloaded on the 'Manila Maersk' in five days.

MPET Manila Maersk Port of Antwerp

The 'Manila Maersk' is a megamax with a capacity of 20,568 TEU that sails in the AE6/Lion Service of the 2M partners Maersk and MSC between the Far East and Europe. Because the AE55/Griffin Service temporarily passes Antwerp, the ships from the AE6/Lion Service in the Far East also take the Antwerp cargo from the AE55/Griffin service with them.

The combination of both volumes on one megamax has already resulted in very high call sizes in recent weeks. With the almost 12,000 'moves' on the 'Manila Maersk', the previous record has now been effectively broken. Between the arrival on Tuesday evening, October 12 and the departure last Sunday evening, October 17, MPET unloaded and loaded a total of 19,677 teu (see photo). That is the largest volume ever delivered and removed in Antwerp by a single ship.


The megamax vessel arrived from the Portuguese port of Sines and will remain in Felixstowe until the end of the coming weekend. After a stopover in the Moroccan hub Tangier, the 'Manila Maersk' will return to Asia. Singapore, Laem Chabang, Ningbo and Shanghai are the next ports of call there.

The MPET record may be set even sharper later this year, because the AE55/Griffin Service will continue to pass the Scheldt harbor until at least the end of December. In the meantime, the new building 'MSC Allegra' of 23,782 TEU has also been commissioned in the AE6/Lion Service. With 24 rows of containers in the width above deck, this ship is another row of containers wider than the 'Manila Maersk' and can therefore theoretically sail a larger number of containers to Europe. After a stop in Sines, the 'MSC Allegra' is expected to make a maiden voyage at MPET on 29 November.

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