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AET gears up with greening

Terminal operator Antwerp Euroterminal (AET) in Verrebroek is shifting up a gear with its greening plans. The first of the four battery packs has been delivered. The installation of the third windmill will be completed by the end of this week.

"As a company, we are achieving an energy success that will mark the start of a greater energy evolution within our company and within the port of Antwerp", reports Klaas Van Gasse, sales & HR manager at AET.

The multipurpose terminal in Verrebroek – which specializes in the handling of containers, project cargo, general cargo and all types of vehicles – has been preparing its business operations for years for an energy transition.

The installation of the third windmill on the AET sites will be completed this week. Later in 2022, the installation of a solar panel park on the roof of the multilevel parking garage, which is under construction and will be the largest in Belgium.

Sun and wind

The solar panels and wind turbines will ensure that a maximum capacity of 12.6 megawatts of green energy can be generated on a daily basis, in ideal conditions, of which 10.6 comes from wind energy and 2 from solar energy.


In order to be able to use more of the green energy generated in its operations, regardless of the presence of wind and solar, AET developed a storage strategy within the 'Pioneers' consortium that should enable the terminal to detach generation and consumption.

Battery packs

The first of the four Air Plus Powerpacks was delivered to the terminal on Monday April 11th. This power pack will be used in a test setting to charge the electric cars during their import inspection. Pending delivery of the remaining battery packs and completion of the technical infrastructure, Envision's energy management system (EMS) will be commissioned. With the current test, the collaboration of AET, Port of Antwerp and Envision will be the first collaboration within the Pioneers project that starts with the concrete implementation phase.

End of 2022

A full-fledged EMS will be ready after the summer period to constantly monitor the entire energy generation, energy consumption and energy storage from the fourth quarter of 2022, in order to make maximum use of the green energy at the terminal.

Together with Port of Antwerp, there are also plans for a shore power supply, whereby ships calling at the terminal will be connected to the electricity grid. In its sustainable policy, AET follows the strategic line of the Grimaldi Group, which is simultaneously making the necessary preparations to equip its ships with a shore power connection.

Innovation Night

Thanks to its focus on sustainability, AET received a nomination for the 'Antwerp Innovation Night', which Voka organizes annually in collaboration with the University of Antwerp. AET experimented with electricity in the recent past

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